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Due to the restrictions during the 2020 pandemic, the Wildwood Wombats are not able to offer a competitive swim season. All the information below applies to a "normal" season. For information on opportunities available for summer 2020, please click here: Summer 2020 training opportunities

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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Wombats! Wildwood Manor Pool offers a competitive swim team, the Wildwood Wombats, as well as the Minibats (formerly known as Minnows) Pre-team, both of which are structured in a fun, safe, and supportive team environment. We hope that our swimming community will provide you and your family with great memories and lasting friendships.

Registration and Eligibility:
To be a member of the swim team or pre-team you must be a member of the
Wildwood Manor Swimming Pool Association

New swimmers (including those who were on the Minibats last year) are asked to attend one of our swimmer evaluation sessions to determine their placement at one of the below dates and times. If you cannot attend one of these evaluations, please contact the Head Coach,  Kevin Fisher

Tentative evaluation dates for 2020 are as follows

Saturday, May 23, 11:30AM - 1:30PM

Sunday, May 24, 11:30AM - 1:30PM

Monday, May 25, 11:30AM - 1:30PM

Tuesday, May 26, 4:30PM - 5:30PM

Saturday, May 30, 11:30AM - 12:30PM

Age and safety of the swimmer will be taken in consideration for appropriate placement. For the swim team, swimmers should be able to swim at least one lap of freestyle and backstroke continuously and feel comfortable swimming consecutive laps at a practice.

Minbats Pre-Team
The Minibats pre-team is a developmental stroke class that is aimed to teach swimmers the fundamentals of all four strokes. Minibats are typically between the ages of 4 - 8 and have had some basic swimming introduction. To be on the pre-team your swimmer must be able to swim continuously one lap of the pool. The goal of our pre-team is for each swimmer to be prepared to join the swim team the following year. The pre-team season concludes with a fun swim meet with other local swim teams.

Tollefson Swim Lessons
For those swimmers not ready for pre-team, Tollefson offers small group lessons. For more information on Wildwood's Youth Swim Lessons go HERE.

Parent Volunteers
The Wombats need you! Please plan to volunteer for shifts at meets throughout the summer. 

Please refer to our team website regularly throughout the summer season to stay up-to-date on activities, to mark your swimmer’s availability and to sign-up to volunteer.

Weekly emails will be sent with practice and meet information from the Head Coach and/or Team Reps. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our coaches or team representatives.

Coaches are usually available before and/or after practices and meets to discuss your swimmer’s progress or any other team-related issues you may wish to discuss. We ask that you refrain from engaging a coach while they are working on deck unless there is a safety issue.

Swim Meets
The Wombats are members of the Montgomery County Swim League, “MCSL”, that encompasses over 90 teams. Teams are broken into divisions based on the team’s performance the previous season. The Wombats are in the “A” Division. The swim team typically hosts two meets per week during the swim season, one meet on Wednesdays, “B” meets, and the other on Saturdays, “A” meets. The goal is for each swimmer on the team to be able to swim each event for which they are legal to swim at least once a week. All swimmers are invited to swim at least one event at a “B” meet. Saturday lineups are typically made up of the top three fastest swimmers in each age group and gender, with the exception of freestyle which is composed of the top six swimmers. Please note that your child may be entered for a Saturday meet even if he or she did not meet the above criteria as faster swimmers may not be available to swim. 

It is imperative that you update your child’s availability weekly on Swimtopia for ALL meets so that the team’s entries can be made accurately. At “A” meets the team is only allowed two scratches, so a no-show may impact the team’s score that week. Our Wednesday meets can be quite long, so the number of heats may be impacted with no-shows, thus adding to the length of the meet. 

The deadline for updating your availability is as follows: 

Wednesday Meets: Sunday prior at 5pm

Saturday Meets: Wednesday prior at 5pm

Relay Carnival - We participate in two Relay Carnivals, an A Relay Carnival which is against the teams in the "A" Division and a B Relay Carnival that will be with other MCSL teams located close to Wildwood Manor. The A relay Carnival results will be included in our divisional standings. Although race results are recorded, team scores are not tracked at the B Relay Carnival.

Meet Notes
Please note the warm-up times for each meet on Swimtopia. Swimmers are expected to report “on deck” 15 minutes prior to their warm-up time.

Please make sure that your swimmer knows the events that they are swimming, along with their heat and lane for each event.

Swimmers should stay in the team area during the meet. We have a big team and we want to ensure that all swimmers get to compete in their events. Coaches do not have time to try to find a stray swimmer.

Meet Results

The automation team posts a paper copy of event results at the meets shortly after each stroke concludes. Want event results in real time? Download the Meet Mobile app for your smartphone and see the results as they are entered into the computer system. The official meet results will be posted several hours following the meet.

Swim Team Attire
Team Suit: Although not required, swimmers are encouraged to wear the team suit to show spirit and unity. We are offering a new suit for the 2019 and 2020 swim seasons. SportsFair will be our team suit provider and suits will be available for try-on and immediate purchase at Time Trials (June 6, 2020). 

SportsFair has additional Wombats Merchandise for Purchase! Check out their website at This store will close May 21. 

You can always order Wombat Merchandise through our website/swim outlet at

Team Contacts

Head Coach: 

Kevin Fisher,

MCSL A Reps:
Paula McGee,

Robin Schultz,

MCSL B Reps:
Shiho Peko,

Alicia Greer,

Minibats Rep: 

Michelle Flynn,

Treasurers: Audra Barrett, ; Debbie Attar,

Apparel: Marissa Faraclas,

Spirit: Laura Salazar,

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Minnows 2019 FAQ handout

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Wombats 2019 FAQ handout

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