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The Wildwood Manor swim team is open to member children and teens (up to 18 years of age). The team welcomes competitive swimmers of all abilities. Generally speaking, in order to be placed on the swim team, a child needs to be able to swim continuously, without stopping, 25 meters of freestyle and also 25 meters of backstroke. In addition, they need to understand the basic mechanics of breast stroke and butterfly. **Please note: they do not have to have a “meet legal” breast stroke or butterfly.  Finally, the swimmer needs to demonstrate sufficient strength and endurance in their stroke to provide coaches with assurance that they can safely make it through the typical 45 minute – 1 hour swim practice. This requirement is simply to make sure that swim team is not only a fun experience for the child, but also a safe one.

The Wombats also offer a pre-team, the Minnows, for those swimmers not yet ready to join the swim team. To join the Minnows, a swimmer must be able to swim 25 meters (1 length of the pool) in freestyle or backstroke and be confident propelling themselves through the water. If your child is not yet ready to join the pre-team, we encourage you to sign them up for group swim lessons.  Unfortunately, these options are not available in summer 2020.

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