Wombats update 6/26/2020

Dear Wombats,

We are excited to announce that we are planning Wombats activities - in and out of the pool starting the week of June 29 through August 14! Read on to find out more about what we will be doing and how to sign up! All information is also posted on the website here: Wombat Summer 2020 Training Opportunities.

Drylands and social activities:

  • We will offer drylands 3 times per week in the lower Wildwood parking lot, as well as a team social activity each week. All activities will be conducted in an appropriate "social distance" format - with virtual (ZOOM) options for some activities.
  • The basic fee to participate is $50 per Wombat for the summer. See below for how to sign up.

In-water stroke & turn clinics:

  • We are excited to offer in-water stroke & turn clinics on a weekly basis. Wombats who have paid the $50 summer fee are eligible to sign up for the weekly stroke & turn clinics, which will incur an additional fee.
  • At least initially, each weekly clinic will consist of 3 x 30 minute sessions, organized by age group.
  • Because of limited capacity due to social distancing, each session is limited to 10 swimmers total (6 in the lap lanes, 1 swimmer per lane, working on stroke technique and 4 in the diving wells working on starts and turns; the coaches will rotate the swimmers during the sessions between lap lanes and the well).
  • Each week's swim clinics will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis for the designated age-groups (if there are unclaimed spots, we will open to other age groups).
  • We expect to adjust the schedule to meet demand over the course of the summer. Please see the website for the proposed clinic schedule for the next two weeks.
  • At least two coaches will be on deck at all times, so your swimmer will get lots of personal attention.

How to sign up and what to expect: Registration and activities will be a bit different this year compared to other years, so please read closely.

  • A reminder: please register for the Wombats swim team by June 30 for no fee simply to stay on our mailing list. After June 30, we will only be sending out Wombat emails and notifications to those who have registered.
  • If your Wombat wants to participate in any in-person activities (with some virtual ZOOM options) this summer, the fee for each Wombat Training Participant is $50.
    • To pay the fee, please select the registration button at https://wombats.swimtopia.com/. Click through the registration information that should be largely pre-populated if you have already registered until you see the opportunity to select "Training Participant 2020." Make that selection and submit the $50 payment.
    • This will enable you to sign up for the drylands and social activities.
    • You must review this assumption of risk/waiver of liability/indemnification agreement and execute it before participating in any wombat activities. Swimmers must also follow clinic arrival procedures to participate. All documentation is here for review and execution.

  • How to sign up for weekly stroke & turn clinics:
    • Weekly stroke & turn clinics will be available to Wombats who have paid the summer fee of $50.
    • Sign ups will be conducted weekly, on a first-come, first serve basis.
    • The clinics will cost an additional fee on a weekly basis. The structure and fee for these clinics is subject to change based on pool access and applicable regulations.
    • To start, they will be offered at $40 per swimmer per week, which will include 3 x 30 minute sessions. This fee will cover the cost of our pool time and coaches salaries.
    • 8 & Under swimmers that are new to the team or were on the pre-team (now known as MiniBats) last year must attend an evaluation before signing up for in-pool clinics. We plan to hold evaluations on 7/5 and will follow-up with more details.

You may sign up for dry land sessions now at Wombat Summer 2020 Training Opportunities after completing the necessary waiver. Please always reserve a spot before attending a dryland session so we can have the appropriate number of coaches available. The signed waiver is necessary for your swimmer to participate. We will be sending out links to sign up for the swimming clinics to Wombats that have paid the $50 registration fee and executed the waiver. We will notify you in advance when the sign-ups will be live each week.

Thanks to all the Wombats for your generous donations to support our coaches and for our fundraising efforts.

We want to give a special shout-out to our three Gold sponsors: Elizabeth Sheehan, Bethesda Dance Conservatory, and Cheryl Leahy. We greatly appreciate your support for the Wombats!

Thank you for your support for the Wombats. We hope to see you on deck soon!

Pamela Franklin, Paula McGee, Maria Kaplan, Robin Schultz

Wombats Team Representatives

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