Wombats junior coach applications

Dear Wombats,

We hope you are doing well and getting ready for a great summer in 2020! The Wombats are accepting applications for junior coaches for summer 2020, with applications due February 7, 2020 (see below for a job description and more information).

Wombats Junior Coach Job Description:

The junior coach positions are open to Wombats swimmers ages 15 and above. Junior coaches will report to and work under the supervision of Wombats Head Coach Kevin Fisher while fully participating as a swimmer and team leader for the Wombats.

Junior coaches should expect to help coach up to 5 practice sessions per week (totaling about 5 hours), specifically practices with the 12 & Under swimmers and the pre-team Mini-Bats (formerly known as Minnows). Junior coaches will also assist at B meets on Wednesday evenings. Before the start of the season, each junior coach will work with Coach Kevin to agree on a specific schedule.

What the Wombats are looking for in junior coaches:

  • Positive attitude and enthusiasm for the sport and the Wombats team at practices and meets
  • Cooperative approach to dealing with teammates, colleagues, coaches, and the Wildwood Manor Swim Team Management Committee
  • Knowledge and ability to coach and demonstrate appropriate stroke technique
  • Experience and enthusiasm for working with children (e.g., coaching, lessons, babysitting, camp counselor, tutoring)
  • Energy and creativity to provide leadership in team spirit activities


  • Assist coaching at 12 & under practices (per schedule); participate in team practices
  • Assist in managing swimmers at the Wednesday evening B meets
  • Support and provide leadership at pep rallies and/or social events, including the Beach Trip
  • Work with coaches, Swim Team Management Committee, and swimmers on weekly themes and decorations to inspire team spirit
  • Interact appropriately and professionally with parents, swimmers, and fellow coaches


  • Junior coaches will receive a stipend.
  • Junior coaches are also permitted to conduct private lessons during the regular operating hours of the pool and non-practice times at a fee negotiated by the junior coach and the individual. Please note: junior coaches giving lessons do not have exclusive right to lap lanes for these lessons and must always courteously share lane space with lap-swimming pool members.

Interested applicants should submit a resume or a summary of prior work and volunteer experience and an email or letter expressing their interest to wombats@wildwoodpool.com by February 7, 2020.

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