Calling all creative Wombats: Design the Division "A" t-shirt!

Calling all creative Wombats:

Welcome to MSCL Division A! Become a part of Wombats and MCSL history and join the competition to design the Division A t-shirt. These shirts are sold to all Division A teams and generate income for the Wombats if we are chosen as the winning design. As of note, each team in Division A submits one design for selection.

The designer that is selected by the Wombats for submission will be recognized at a home meet and the team banquet, and even more importantly, bragging rights!

In thinking of your design, please try to limit the number of colors in order to keep the cost down. This will also factor into the selection of the winner.

Designs should be submitted by March 9, 2020 to

Tips and suggestions:

  • Only flat color can be used (no shading)
  • Limit to 3-4 colors
  • You can suggest what color t-shirt would best suit your design with your submission
  • Optimally we would want a vector file, but we can work with the printing company for a hand-drawn or printed out design, so don’t let that limit you!

Let the creative juices flow!

Your Wombats Team Reps

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